Have a Healthy Body, Eat Right and Live Longer

It is near impossible to eat the required daily amounts of necessary vitamins, minerals and all that our bodies require for optimal performance in any one given day. Optimal performance means waking up in the morning fuelled with ample energy to take on every day with clear thoughts for managing our challenges effectively. A strong musculoskeletal system for good posture and circulation, as well as a clear communication system between the body and the mind.

We would need boxes of fresh fruit and vegetables picked fresh from our own backyard gardens on a daily basis. We would have had to start this diet plan when we were very young to avoid any free radical damage that happens over time as we are exposed to the elements of too much smog, too much smoke, too much chemical from cleaners, air fresheners, second hand smoke, dirty engines, paints, solvents, nail polish, preservatives and the list can go on. As the body is exposed, the damage starts and in most cases the problem begins very small inside the body and then by the time we feel or see the symptoms, the problem has grown to a point that the body itself can not heal on its own and requires support for the healing system to function and repair the damage. The human body is an amazing biological operating system. It will continue to function to the best of its ability, taking whatever resources that it needs from anywhere in the body and this results in system problems and difficulty targeting the cause, because ultimately if we do not give our body the tools it needs to operate in its ideal form, it will eventually begin to break down. There is no alternative. The cells in a human body are always regenerating or degenerating. It is imperative that we give our body the nutrition it needs, not only for maintaining a healthy body but also for growth and development of healthy new cells. The cells are the building blocks for the whole body. Healthy cells make healthy organs and from that we get healthy systems and ultimately an entire healthy body. We will not have a healthy body without healthy cells and we will not get healthy cells unless we are feeding our body with healthy cell food. Not food that is too sweet, or too salty, or too greasy, or too patsy, or too big.

What is food…?

Food is one of the components of fuel from which the human body gets the vitamins, minerals and nutrients it needs for life, for healing, for growth and for protection.

Many people grew up thinking that when it came out of a box a bag or a can, they were getting the good stuff…aarrggghhh In most cases, if it is processed, there is not much if anything left in it for the human biological system’s needs. It is filler and more often than not, not only do we not get any nutritional value from it but it does give the body more foreign substance to deal with, (hmm there seems to be no use for this, lets store it…) and more stress on the system. Years and years ago, it was common place for people to grow their own food, fruits and vegetables in a garden and buy meat from the local butcher. At this time people are still working for their food. As time goes on, people are looking for shortcuts and fast foods because there is no time to prepare and with little or no education with regards to the relationship between nutrition and the human body, they end up feeding it stuff that contains little or no nutritional content. After living most of, or even part of a lifetime without any nutritional support, the body systems fail to heal and the results are clear everywhere around us. We now have an aging population with more than a few health challenges and they are expecting the doctors and health care people to fix the sickness that has been caused by an ongoing nutritional deficit in the diet. If we want our body to work optimally, it is our responsibility to understand how it works and take care of it to the best of our ability.

With the knowledge that our bodies have specific nutritional requirements and the ability to research and ensure that we are taking care of what is most important first- CELL FOOD- Healthy cells make healthy organs make healthy systems make healthy amazing body, we can live a long active life experience instead of one that is stricken with sickness or disease of the mind and body

Healthy Eating Habits for a Healthy Body

Eating healthy foods is necessary to staying healthy. When nutritionists discuss healthy eating, they mean to say that the foods or the meals one consumes should contain all the necessary ingredients to keep a body fit and healthy. Research shows that more than forty different nutrients are necessary for optimal bodily health.

When practicing healthy eating habits, individuals should consume all the nutrients necessary for the body during the course of a day (24-hour period). Food selections should include a variety of fruits, vegetables, fish, poultry, meat and other foods rich in proteins. Whole grain products, breads and natural sources of fiber should also be menu staples. When selecting foods, many individuals do not pay sufficient attention to food labels. It is necessary, when purchasing packaged foods, that the wise consumer read the label thoroughly before selecting a product. Most individuals have preferences for certain foods and may be surprised to learn that these foods alone may not serve all necessary daily nutritional needs. Health professionals feel it may be in the consumer’s best interest to research cookbooks and recipes that call for nutrient-rich ingredients so that these foods can be added to the daily diet in the form of nutritious and appealing meals that nourish the body.

Today’s experts recommend that individuals follow the revised food pyramid to familiarize themselves with the combination of foods and nutrients that should exist in an everyday menu. Serving sizes are equally important as food and ingredient selection. The increased portion sizes found in today’s world may be at least partially responsible for the ongoing explosion of obesity. Maintaining a balanced weight is essential to a healthy body and a healthy weight is most likely to be achieved through proper eating habits. In addition to eating the right foods, a healthy eater avoids skipping meals, especially breakfast! Individuals who skip breakfast have been found to gain weight even if their goal is to lose weight! Skipping meals frequently results in eating larger quantities of food or eating the wrong foods in an effort to quell hunger. This may cause weight gain, which is the opposite of a dieter’s goal.

Stocking the home pantry with the proper foods is essential to healthy eating. Healthy eating requires healthy cooking. Stocking the pantry with extra virgin olive oil, low-fat cheese, fresh fruits and vegetables, and other healthy kitchen staples ensures that every meal prepared is healthy and nutritious. Parents are advised to take extra care to stock foods that contain the necessary nutrients for a child’s growth and to monitor snacking between meals. Snacking on the wrong food defeats the purpose of healthy meals and snacking should never replace meals.