How To Achieve Healthy Body Fat for Women

Did you know that you can be thin and still be fat? Did you know that you can be heavy and not fat where you still have a healthy body fat percentage meaning you don’t need to lose any fat? This is a very important concept to keep in mind when you are trying to determine healthy body fat for women.

The general practice among professionals trying to help women establish their level of healthy fat is to find out what a woman’s body fat percentage is. This is because it is the gauge of her body’s composition of fat to lean mass ratio. Most people have no inkling what this means and why it’s important to know.

Body fat percentage is different from Body Mass Index or BMI. The fat percentage only measures your fat ratio as compared to your weight. BMI on the other hand is your weight and height formula. Thus a BMI of 29 is unhealthy while a body fat percentage of 29 is considered healthy.

Women really have to face the fact that they need more body fat compared to men. If she does not have enough fat, she loses certain “privileges” like her monthly period that could mean fertility issues or other complications.

To achieve health body fat, you need to know your fat percentage so you can preserve enough to stay healthy. Finding out your body fat percentage is relatively easy. Here are some methods:

· The Pinch Test is pinching certain areas in your body to find out if you need to lose weight or not. Unfortunately, to get an accurate reading, you can’t do it to yourself. You will have to approach an experienced nutritionist or dietician, if not your doctor to pinch you

· The Navy Tape -This method is used by the Navy and military and is very simply. Measure your middle section (if that is the area you want to work with) and take a reading using the centimeters (not inches). Do this 3 times and get the average result

· DEXA scan – This is a full body X-ray and will also measure bone density. It costs to get it done but it is 99% accurate

For women, the healthy body fat is anywhere from 14 to 17%. This percentage can change depending on age, sport, level of physical fitness, and existing medical conditions.

Usually as you age, your body fat percentage increases as your metabolism slows down. However, it does not have too! There are many things that can be done in later life to prevent this shift in fat to muscle ratio! This is a VERY important fact!

Healthy Body Fat Percentage – What is it and How to Find Yours

Healthy body fat percentage is important when deciding to start any diet or weight loss program. Understanding your body fat percentage and learning how to lower it is equally important. Measuring body fat and inches are considered better forms of tracking weight than using scales alone. So how do you accurately measure your fat without going to see a doctor or nutritionist? This article will explain.

First of all, it is important to know why a healthy body fat percentage is so important. Your body fat percentage is just that, the amount of fat you have stored on your body. Fat is the stuff that you want to lose when going on a diet. Our bodies contain more than just fat though. Things such as muscle and water also contribute to our weight, but we mostly concern ourselves with losing fat. Since muscle is important, we want to gain as much muscle as possible, while decreasing our fat. But, scales can only tell us how much we weigh. If we are going to lose fat, we need to find out how much of our weight is actually contributed by it.

Fat does have its value in the human body. It helps to insulate organs and tissue, is used as a cushion over our bones, and regulates body temperature. But too much of it can cause many health problems such as high cholesterol, heart disease, stroke and even death. That is why it is so important to find our healthy body fat percentage and strive to maintain that amount.

One of the easiest ways to find your current percentage of fatty tissue is to use an online fat calculator. There are many free ones available on the internet and most are pretty accurate. Simply answer a couple of questions and the calculator will do the calculations for you. Once you find your current percentage of it, you can find what your healthy body fat percentage should be by using one of these online calculators as well.

A woman has a healthy body fat percentage if she has a percentage of fatty tissue of 21-33% for women 20-40, 23-35% if they are between the ages of 41-60, and 24-36% for women over the age of 60.

A healthy body fat percentage for men would be 8-19% for those between the age of 20-40. If a man is between the ages of 41-60, a healthy range would be 11-22%. Lastly, a healthy fat percentage for men over the age of 60 would be 13-25%.

When you have found what your healthy percentage should be, you can then begin to work toward that percentage as a goal. If you need to lower your percentage of tatty tissue, following a healthy diet and exercise program can help you reach a healthy weight. Losing excess body weight does not happen overnight, but if you are diligent about your weight loss efforts, you can achieve a healthy body weight. Being at a healthy weight not only makes you look and feel better about yourself, it can add years to your life. What more motivation do you need?