A Healthy Body Makes A Healthy Business

Your business performs only as well as you do, hence a healthy body makes a healthy business.

When we start a new business we devote so much time to the success of our new endeavors that we tend to shirk other responsibilities, most of all our health. We lose track of what we eat, how much sleep we get and how often we exercise. It’s not necessary to accomplish or maintain all three of these aspects to lead a healthy lifestyle, just two are enough to keep your body healthy so your business can stay on track.

The key to a healthy lifestyle is eating right, time management and self-discipline. Eating right is something we tend to neglect the most with our highways lined with every fast food chain imaginable. Scheduling time to exercise is just as important as every other activity that is beneficial to your business. Having the discipline to maintain that schedule is even more important because when you schedule an activity into your business, following through with that activity reflects on how committed you are to your business, even if the activity is not directly related to your business.

Eating right is something everyone can do. Everyone eats so it’s not difficult to just choose better foods when you go grocery shopping. Growing up I hated eating vegetables, but I enjoyed eating fruits. From that day forward I consumed at least two pounds of fruit everyday. After some time I started to enjoy vegetables as well and included those in my eating habits. Fruits and vegetables are mostly water so you can eat them all day long and not gain weight., but don’t forget the rest of the food pyramid. Eat healthy but eat in moderation.

Start to read books and magazines on how to improve your health. You can learn so much about which foods can give you the most energy for your day, which foods can boost your immune system and all that other good stuff that can keep you, and your business, going strong.

Everyone leads a different lifestyle and their bodies need different exercise regimens. Finding the right exercise methods is like finding the right pair of shoes, find something that you feel comfortable in and then use it every day. Devote time every day to lacing up those shoes and using them to their fullest.

A good starting point for those who could never find the time to exercise is walking. Walking for just 30 minutes can burn 100 calories. If you have children, playing with your children for that same amount of time burns even more calories because your mind and your body are engaged. When your business begins to grow you’ll have more time to exercise and work towards the body you have always wanted.

Now the difficult part. Maintaining the self-discipline to adhere to your new eating habits and exercise routine will determine how committed you are to the success of your business. If you think this is easy then ask how many people have stayed dedicated to their New Year’s or Lent resolutions. The key is to schedule an exercise time into your day just as you would any other activity for your business. Involve your family into your exercise time, friends too, but only if they are supportive of your new habits.

Healthy Body Fat Percentage – Ways to Calculate Fat to Lose Weight

Weight reduction over the years has been difficult for a lot of people. The key to an effective and faster weight reduction would be to acquire a healthy body fat percentage. We all desire to be physically stunning and surely it exudes the confidence in us and makes us feel good. In order to obtain these goals we need to know how to when and how we are going to get started.

The popular belief among the majority is that our weight is the primary gauge or measurement of being healthy. However, this is not entirely true. We must know if we have a healthy body fat percentage to determine if we really are healthy or the other way around. Our bodies somehow need fat, healthy fat that is but we must learn the certain levels our bodies should be in otherwise we might have excess fat all around and may need to eliminate them. Getting our body fat percentage is very easy and can be done by any one. The main thing of course for us to know our body fat percentage is to calculate for our body mass index otherwise known as BMI.

The process on how to get healthy body fat percentage is very easy to do, it just involves basic mathematics. First is for you to be honest with your real weight. Have yourself weighed and record it. Then multiple your weight by 103. After which, you need to measure your height and be sure to record that and have that transformed to inches, Whatever the information is multiple it by the same number itself. Finally you need to divide your current weight measurement with that product you got from the height. This equation is very helpful especially for those who want to go on a diet or even more to those who are still planning on it.

A healthy body fat percentage varies on body types and gender. A man has a different recommended body to fat percentage as opposed to women. Falling in between the range of 12 to 18%, is the man who is considered to be healthy and fit but to have an ideal one would be to get a body to fat percentage of about 2%. Women, on the other hand should have an ideal body if her body to fat percentage falls in between 19 to 25%, but the best would be to have as low as 5%. We need to be mindful of our body fat percent because the fact remains that if we have more excess fat the more chances we have to getting certain risks of deadly diseases.

Having a healthy body fat percentage is the key for you to enjoy and bask in the splendor of a healthy body and active lifestyle. Looking good should not be as complex as many if us thinks but it is not a walk in the park either. It takes a good balance of discipline, hard work and a little bit of fat calculation.